Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work

1. Whitby towing the dredge Canadian Argosy with the dump scow FDJV3 and tug Carl M alongside for the ride to Halterm.

2. Getting away from pier 9 with the new bucket installed on Canadian Argosy's Liebherr dredge crane.

3. Rigging the new bucket at pier 9 this morning.

4. The new bucket, on Christmas Day at pier 9.

After a Christmas break, McNally Construction got back to work today with dredging off Halterm. Before they did so, they attached a new bucket to the dredge Canadian Argosy. The bucket was built by Anvil Attachments of Slaughter, LA, and is especially built for dredging.
Perhaps, judging by its colour, the bucket was a Christmas gift.

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