Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turning over a new Leif

It doesn't seem that it was nine years ago that Marine Atlantic acquired the Stena Challenger and renamed it Leif Ericson (the second ship to carry that name in the fleet, but this time with a different spelling.)

The recent weather and mechanical interruptions added to the retirement of Caribou, have meant a tough early winter for Marine Atlantic. They are now down to two ships with Leif Ericson arriving at Halifax Shipyard this morning for scheduled refit. She entered the Novadock floating drydock, but as of noon time, the dock was not completely pumped up.

However relief is on the way. The first of Marine Atlantic's newest ships, Blue Puttees is on its way from Europe and should be arriving in Port aux Basques any day now. It will not enter service immediately, but it will eventually allow Atlantic Vision to concentrate on the Argentia service when Joseph and Clara Smallwood retires in the spring.


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