Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ships at anchor

Halifax harbour anchorages have been busy this year for two reasons- bunkers and moths.

Two ships anchored for bunkers today. First was Lady Clarissa (which I missed)
and Unique Developer.

Unique Developer lies at anchor with the Nova Scotia Community College's waterfront campus as a backdrop.

  The product tanker arrived at Imperial Oil from Houston on Saturday, and after discharging, moved to the anchorage this afternoon. Built in 2010 by Onomichi Dockyard in Japan, the 26,914 grt, 47,366 dwt ship is operated under the Hong Kong (Chinese) flag by Palomar Maritime of Greece.

The last arrival at anchor was Clodomira for Asian Gypsy Moth inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Clodomira in number one anchorage, with the launch Halmar under her stern, waiting to disembark CFIA inspectors as the harbour tour boat Mar crosses her bow.

En route from Havana, Cuba, Clodomira is in ballast. A geared bulk carrier of 22,414 grt, 34,931 dwt, it was built by Shanghai Shipyard, and is also Greek owned, by Nordstrand Maritime + Trading of Athens, and flies the flag of Panama. It is expected to sail later this evening.

Despite its Greek ownership, for official purposes, the ship is one of ten built for Cuba under a complex financing deal. Since some countries (notably the US) have trading restrictions with Cuba, it may be convenient to have the ships' beneficial owners somewhat shrouded.


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