Monday, May 18, 2020

Woodside activity

The Woodside dock has seen some interesting activity over the years, but over the next few days it will see something quite unique. The wind farm installation vessel Vole au Vent arrived yesterday and today was positioned alongside the Bigroll Beaufort to begin transferring the components of wind turbines.
The 2020-05-18 Vole au Vent tied up yesterday with its crane stowed, and floating on its own hull.

This morning Bigroll Beaufort has moved back along the dock, with Vol au Vent alongside, jacked up on its four spuds and its crane elevated.

The 1500 tonne capacity crane positioned to lift components off the ship.

There is an ideal viewing spot from the Woodside commuter parking lot.

Vole au Vent was built in 2013 by the CRIST SA shipyard in Gdynia, Poland as Vidar. Measuring 18,781 gt, it has the 1500 tonne crane and four 90 meter spuds that allow it to work in 50 meters of water. Although its deadweight tonnage is listed at 1500, it can carry 6500 tonnes of cargo. It is also equipped with a helicopter deck and can accommodate 90 workers. The Jan de Nul Group of Belgium acquired and renamed the ship in 2016.

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