Friday, June 19, 2020

BOA and ZIMs

The tug BOA Odin arrived this morning towing the semi-submersible BOA Barge 34 and tied up at Pier 9 C.

The name BOA is well known in Halifax as the company's semi-submersible heavy lift barges and tugs have been here several times before. In fact BOA Barge 37 has been here for for several years on long term charter to Halifax Shipyard where it is used to float out he Arctic Offshore patrol ships.

BOA Barge 37 is a 30,000 dwt capacity barge built in 2015, currently tied up at pier 9B.

BOA Offshore AS was founded in 1975 by Ole T. Bjornevik of Trondheim, Norway, and the name is an acronym of the founder's initials.

BOA Barge 34 is a 25,000 dwt capacity unit built in 2013. It has had deck extensions fitted to allow it to carry a larger cargo unit.

The barge and tug were not the only vessels arriving today with capitalized names. The container ship ZIM Shekou arrived at PSA Halifax on the ZIM Container Service Atlantic (ZCA) which runs from Mediterranean ports to Halifax and US east coast ports.

ZIM Shekou was built by Dalian New Shipbuilding in 2007. Its capacity is 4250 TEU and tonnages are currently listed as 39,906 gt, 52,629 dwt. Since 2018 the ship has been owned by Armada Shipping Corp and managed directly by ZIM.

ZIM (capitalized) was founded in 1945 as ZIM Palestine Navigation Company, becoming ZIM Israel Navigation Company in 1948. It operated as a state owned shipping line until privatization was completed in 2004, becoming ZIM Integrated Shipping Services. ZIM is a Hebrew word meaning a large number of ships.


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