Friday, June 26, 2020

SIEM Confucius - revolutionary car carrier

LNG as a fuel for ships is gradually making its way into the mainstream so to speak. Starting with small ships like ferries, it was then adopted by short sea ships such as coastal tankers. Today's arrival of the brand new SIEM Confucius on its maiden voyage, marks the world's first commercial voyage by a deep sea LNG powered car carrier.

Delivered in March by Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co, it is a 72,900 gt, 19,1521 dwt  PCTC (Pure Truck and Car Carrier) with a 7500 CEU (Car Equivalent Units) capacity over 13 decks. It sailed from the shipyard March 14 and arrived in Emden to load. SIEM, the Norwegian owners, contracted with Volkswagen to carry their cars and trucks, usually amounting to about 4800 actual vehicles. To comply with VW's long term emission reduction targets, SIEM opted to use a 12,600kW dual fuel M.A.N. main engine.  [M.A.N. is part of VW]. It is the largest ship of the "Super-Eco" class, the other members being in short sea use.  A sister ship SIEM Aristotle will be delivered later this year.

SIEM Confucius sailed from Emden June 16 and arrived off Halifax yesterday and lingered well offshore until this morning when it tied up at Autoport. It is to sail later on the day for Davisville, RI and Ceracruz, MX.

Of Neo-Panamax size the ship is also shallow draft at 10m, allowing it to enter a variety of ports.


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