Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another biggie

Yesterday big empty tanker - today big full bulker.

Today's arrival was for bunkers, and Giuseppe Lembo was fully loaded. The Italian flag bulker was fresh from Sept-Iles, QC where it loaded 160,000 tonnes of iron ore. Due to draft restrictions in the port, the ship cannot load to its marks alongside. However problem solved, because CSL stations the self-unloader Atlantic Superior in Sept-Iles and it ferries additional cargo out to the big ships 25 or 30,000 tonnes at a time, and unloads directly into the ship's holds.

Giuseppe Lembo was built in 1999 as Mineral Sakura, but acquired its present name in the same year. Builders were Santierul Naval Constanta in Constanta, Romania. The ship measures 90,884 gross tons and 172,634 deadweight. Due to her large size she cannot pass through the Suez Canal, and is therefore classed as a "Capesize" bulker, since she must round the Cape of Good Hope to make her way around the world. Most Capesizes specialize in hauling iron ore.

The ship is giving Las Palmas as her next port, bnut that is only a way point. When she reaches that vicinity she will be directed to another port to unload. That could be in noerthern Europe of the Mediterranean.
Because of her extreme size and limited ability to maneuver, she had tug escorts inbound and outbound.


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  1. Capesize bulk carriers are able to pass through the Suez canal, just not when fully loaded.