Friday, March 18, 2011

Boiler shop

1. Clipper Merlin appraoches with tug standing by.

2. The ship has some specialized shipping containers on deck. They appear to have side openings.

Halifax will be a regular boiler shop over the next few days, but without the usual noise. Several boilers and related material are headed out on ships of Clipper Carriers.

The first shipment is today from pier 24 on the Clipper Merlin.

This ship, equipped with two 70 tonne cranes should be more than capable of lifting the two boilers from flatcars directly onto the ship. be updated later

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  1. CLIPPER LEGEND, Due on the 20th, is a Chemical Products tanker. In-fact, She is a Sister of Algoma Dartmouth, who was formerly Clipper Bardolino.

    Curious though who is going to pick up the Duct work at Halterm.