Friday, March 18, 2011

Merrily we bounce along

The port bunkering tanker Algoma Dartmouth returns to base after a bunkering job on Malmnes (see below.) The ships has two inflated rubber fenders alongside at all times. This means that she only ties up to ships on her starboard side. The fenders (developed by the Yokohama Rubber Co originally) protect both Algoma Dartmouth and its customer from unwanted knocks and bangs, and also prevents any metal to metal contact which could cause a spark. In today's wind and chop the Yokos were boncing merriyl along beside the ship.

Algoma Dartmouth was chartered by Algoma Tankers in 2009 and purchased outright in 2010. It was built in Tuzla, Turkey in 2007 as Clipper Bardolino, becoming Samistal Due in 2008. It is a twin screw vessel, and although classed as a chemical/ product tanker it is devoted to bunkering duties within Halifax harbour. It is a twin screw vessel o 2999 gross tons, 3568 deadweight tonnes.

Algoma Central Corporation is now the largest Canadian shipowner, in terms of numbers of ships and tonnage registered in Canada. Having just acquired most of the ships of Upper Lakes Group, it dominates Great Lakes shipping. It also has a substantial and growing overseas presence in the CSLI pool and in a recently formed international tanker pool. Its Canadian tanker fleet serves the east coast and Great Lakes, with some coastal trips to the US. The tankers carry only refined products, not crude oil.

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