Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turning over a new Leif

The Marine Atlantic ferry Leif Ericson emerged from drydock today to show off her new paint scheme. The added stripes bring her into line with the other ships in the fleet, Blue Puttees and Highlanders, both of which are now in North Sydney, and Atlantic Vision. Blue Puttees has entered service on a trial basis. Higlander will follow soon.

Today also marked the final sailing of Joseph and Clara Smallwood, which will go into standby until Leif Ericsson returns to service. It will then join Caribou in retirement.

Tugs moved the Leif Ericsson to the IEL dock in Woodside for completion of her refit. The ship did not use its own engines.

Tomorrow another ferry arrives. Princess of Acadia will enter the newly vacated Novadock at Halifax Shipyard.

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