Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jasmine Knutsen blocks the view (almost) of Oceanex Sanderling

1. I got a two for one shot today as Oceanex Sanderling returned from its refit in Gibraltar and went directly to Autoport to load for Newfoundland.

Almost blocking the view is the tanker Jasmine Knutsen, another of those Canadian flagged, but non-duty paid, tankers operating under a coasting license. Built by Samsung in 2005, it was initially a Norwegian vessel. On December 6, 2005 it took the first shipment of oil from the White Rose field off Newfoundland, and delivered it to Saint John. It did this under a coasting license.
It was registered in Canada 2009-08-27.

It has had a number of coasting licenses, the current one running from October 23, 2010 to April 23, 2011. This permits it to run for Husky Oil Operations, from White Rose and/or Terra Nova and/or Hibernia to Whiffen Head and/or Point Tupper and/or Halifax and/or Saint John and/or Portland, Maine, for multiple voyages. As explained in a previous posting, the ship is Canadian flagged and must comply with all Canadian regulations, but because the import duty was not paid, it must get a license to trade within Canadian waters on coastal voyages. The Minister of Public Safety may grant a coasting license if no suitable Canadian duty-paid vessel is available.
The ship is 80,918 gross tons, 148,706 deadweight, and was built by Samsung Heavy Industries, Goje. It is fitted with thrusters fore and aft and offshore loading apparatus (on the bow) for shuttle tanker work.

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  1. My father (R.I.P) has been worked on Jasmine Knutsen few yrs ago.
    I got great pictures from the board of it.
    Some memories remains... thanx to help me to find that ship!