Monday, March 28, 2011


The much travelled Nirint Canada arrived Sunday afternoon to unload and load. Operating a bi-weekly liner service between Europe, South America, the Caribbean (including Cuba) and Canada, Nirint has found a niche in the transatlantic container/cargo business. Capable of carrying bulk, break bulk, containers and reefer containers, Nirint Canada is a tremendously versatile ship. In addition to all of that she is fitted with two 150 tonne capacity cranes, that can work in tandem to lift 300 tonnes. At 8861 gross tons, 12,002 deadweight tonnes, she is similar to Clipper Merlin that was in last week.

Built in 2001 by Dalian Shipyard in China she is typical of a large fleet of ships built originally for Clipper Elite Carriers (CEC). Built as CEC Arctic, she was renamed Beluga Independence in 2001 and in 2007 became Nirint Force. She then found work as Obsession in 2009, Stinnes Passat in 2009 and Keitum in 2010. She returned to Nirint as Nirint Canada in 2010. She is owned by Eckhoff of Jork, Germany and flies the flag of Anitigua and Barbuda, and is registered in St. John's, Antigua (not St.John's, Newfoundland.)

While in Halifax she will unload bagged nickel sulfide concentrate at pier 28, then this afternoon will move to pier 31 to load boilers and other heavy cargo.



  1. She was actually built in Zhongua, Shanghai

  2. According to Lloyd's Register 2007-08, she was built by Dalian Shipyard Co Ltd - Dalian LN, Yard No MC1206.
    Lloyd's is not infalliable, so you may have more recent informaiton.