Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teekay Product Tanker


Teekay Shipping , the Vancouver based world wide tanker operator, is better known for its crude carriers. However they do have eight chemical/product tankers in their 136 ship fleet. Among that group is Teesta Spirit (ex Jeanette -07, Athenian Harmony -04) 29, 242 gross tons, 46,921 deadweight tonnes.

Photo 1:

It is shown arriving at anchor with the pilot boat A.P.A. No. 20 coming alongside to disembark the pilot. Since it is carrying cargo it required a tug escort inbound, and the tug Atlantic Fir is now returing to base. The ship's agent is also coming aboard on Dominion Diving's boat Halmar, and the bunkering tanker Algoma Dartmouth is also coming along for refueling.

Photo 2:
On completion of fueling Halmar returns to the ship, this time with a pilot for the outbound trip. A tug will soon be joining to escort the tanker.


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