Saturday, April 9, 2011

Holiday Island - back for more

1. Holiday Island waits patiently at the Machine Ship wharf for her turn in the Novadock. (April 3 photo)

Among the surprises in the last few weeks has been the return of the ferry Holiday Island. She was in a for a big refit last fall, and had to return to port for a few days, but finally made it back to Caribou for winter layup date in December.

It transpires that there was additional work to do on her propulsion units, and so she is back.

I need to update some of the info in my post of last month. Apparently due to her more economical operation, Holiday Island is really the work horse of the Northumberland Ferries Ltd (NFL) fleet. She usually opens the season, and works through until late in the season. Her fleet mate Confederation then only operates during peak season, and late in the year when her enclosed car decks are more comfortable.

It is hoped that Holiday Island will be ready for service for the May 1 start-up. If not Confederation will have to be used.

Holiday Island returned to Halifax April 1, but the need to re-drydock Leif Ericson meant that she did not get onto the drydock until Friday (April 8.)

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