Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leif Ericson - Leif the unlucky?

1. Atlantic Fir has the bow line and Atlantic Willow the stern as they haul Leif Ericson up the harbour this afternoon.
2. Once clear of the Angus L. Macdonald bridge, they line up for the Novadock.

3. With the ship snuggled into the drydock, the tugs prepare to let go.

Leif Ericson, in port since January 4 for a major refit, emerged from drydock March 9, for final fitting out at Woodside. That move was made as a cold move - the ship' engines were not used.

She has been scheduled to leave port several days, but today, she headed back into drydock, also a cold move - no engines. She is powered by a pair of normally reliable Wartsila engines, but there is obviously something amiss. Stay tuned.


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