Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moscow University, end of spring break

After hanging around off Halifax for three weeks the tanker Moscow University finally tied up at Imperial Oil today. Initial delays were probably due to refinery issues regarding processing of this ship's particular cargo. During that time it had to put back to sea at least once due to severe weather. The rest of the time it remained at anchor off Chebucto Head. It appeared to be on the horizon from Halifax.

Then there were weather delays. The ship was supposed to come in yesterday, but visibility was below the 1/2 mile that Imperial Oil requires for such ships.

So finally it is alongside.

As the name suggests, the ship is owned by Russian interests, and managed by Unicom, their large Cyprus based operating entity. Nevertheless the ship is registered in Liberia. It was built in 1999 and is listed as 56,076 gross tons and 106,474 deadweight tonnes, placing it in the average size range for crude carriers calling in Halifax.

In the photo its escort tug has been released from its position astern and two tugs are pushing it against the dock as the final lines are secured.


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