Saturday, April 30, 2011

And another one.......

The parade of Dutch ships continued today, as Pioneer left with her cargo of wood pellets for Hull, England, and Onego Houston arrived with more rails.

Onego Houston is one of about 30 ships operated by Onego Shipping & Chartering of Rotterdam from offices in St.Petersburg, Russia, Houston, Texas and New York. However, as can be seen by her paint scheme she is in fact a ship managed by Wagenborg, but in fact owned by Rederij Smith BV. (All that is missing is the Wagenborg name on the side of the hull.)
Built in 2010 as Ijsselborg, the ship was renamed earlier this year to take up duties with Onego. She measures 8999 gross tons and 12,016 dwt, and is built to the same sort of specs as the other recent Dutch vessels: open hatch cargo/bulkers, with ventilated holds. She is slightly different in that she carries two 80 tonne cranes, which apparently do double duty handling cargo and the ship' pontoon type hatch covers.
I have always liked Onego because they use Nova Scotia's Peggy's Cove lighthouse on their web site.

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