Saturday, April 16, 2016

Clover Ace, CMA CGM Almaviva - big car boat, big box boat and other doings

The autocarrier Clover Ace arrived at Autoport this morning. Its 6400 car capacity puts it among the largest size of ships in the Mitsui OSK Line (MOL) fleet.

The already crammed Autoport will somehow find room for all the cars it is likely carrying.

Built in 2008 by Toyohashi Shipbuilding in Japan the 60,065 grt, 17,280 dwt ship flies the Liberian flag for Osaka Fleet Co Ltd.

Halterm also hosted a large ship this morning. CMA CGM Almaviva is one of the 8465 TEU ships on regular rotation on the Columbus Loop service.

It was built in 2011 by Samsung Shipbuilding and Heavy Industries in Koje, South Korea. Its tonnages are 96,817 grt, 109,000 dwt.

It appears to be carrying more boxes than it did on its last visit, December 12, 2015, confirming in my mind at least, an uptick in cargo volumes for the port.

It was a pretty quiet Saturday in the harbour with the only other ship of any size, the oft photographed Maersk Pembroke also at Halterm.

HMCS Shawinigan arrived from some sea time, make a sharpish turn to avoid George's Island.

This is the time of year that the naval reserves ramp up their activities and the Kingsyton class ships return to service.

And in Bedford Basin CCGS Earl Grey did some calibration trials in preparation for a return to service after a mid-life refurb.

As with most shipyard visits, Davie Quebec painted the ship's hull up to deck level. leaving the upper works for the crew to attend to as part of regular maintenance.

There are still some traces of Friday's snow fall, such as the roof of the Burnside water tank, but it is rapidly disappearing as daytime temperatures rise.

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