Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Masterpiece of timing

Halifax pilots performed a masterpiece of tining today -as they often do - when three container ships departed and one arrived within an short span of time.

First out was NYK Diana from Fairview Cove. Its pilot timed the outbound route to meet the incoming CMA CGM Cendrillon after the inbound had picked up its pilot.

Next off was Aeneas (sailing for Zim) which took the western channel to give CMA CGM Cendrillon lots of room.

Then the Zim Tarragona sailed, also taking the western channel as CMA CGM Cendrillon kept well to the east in the main channel, and would then tie up at the same berth - pier 41 at Halterm.

All this was also done with two tugs working from one ship to the other in turn from Aeneas to Zim Tarronga to CMA Cendrillon without any apparent delays.

18:44 hrs: On the right, NYK Diana is outbound. At centre, Aeneas in the western channel outbound and at left, CMA CGM Cendrillon inbound in the main channel.

1847 hrs: Aneas (left) has made the 90 degree course change off Ferguson's Cove heading back toward the main channel as NYK Diana (right) bears toward the pilot station.

 1850 hrs: Zim Tarragona has worked its way off pier 41 and its tugs have moved on to the inbound CMA CGM Cendrillon.

1859 hrs: CMA CGM Cendrillon  makes its way, with tugs alongside, toward pier 41.


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