Friday, November 23, 2018

Dimitra C high and light

The container ship Dimitra C arrived this afternoon on the eastbound leg of its EC5 run for THE Alliance. The ship appeared very lightly loaded with its rudder stock out of the water.

The ship was built in 2002 by IHI Kure as MOL Priority. In 2014 it was renamed Priority when owners Mitsui OSK Lines, sold the ship to Danaos Corporation. Earlier this year Danaos renamed thes hip Dimitra C. Sale and lease back has been a popular means of ship finance since the early 2000s, however some of the glow wore off during the recent financial crises when charter rates plummeted and ship owners were locked into long term deals with penalties for early termination.

Dimirtra C has a capacity of 6402 TEU including 500 reefers and measures 74,071 grt, 74,453 dwt.

I should have noted that the air temperature was about -12C when the photo was taken and a light coat of freezing spray shows on the side of the ship forward. It does look like hull damage, but that my be an optical effect.

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