Friday, November 2, 2018

White on White

As the penultimate cruise ship day for the 2018 season, Halifax greeted the Seven Seas Navigator. The last day of the season will be November 6 with both Insignia and Silver Wind scheduled. However for today visitors were "treated" to a good old pea souper that developed as the morning wore on. Passengers were seen emerging with complimentary blue brollies and boarding buses for sites that may also be almost invisible.

Essentially the same scene as my October 23 post, minus the wind - plus the fog 
(and a supervising gull.)

The late days of this season have brought frightful weather which goes some way to explaining why there have not been many posts lately.


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  1. Hey Mac I'm just back from Edinburgh and I recall your post on the Britannia. My wife and I visited. It was an amazing experience. Set up like the Queen Mary display at Pasadena. Unlike the Queen Mary, Britannia was handed over intact. Her Majesty removed a few personal knick knacs, but otherwise she could be turned back over for service, presumably after an drive/navigation refit. the galley still operates catering to the upper salon. We had tea. It is astonishing. I expect you have been?