Sunday, July 7, 2019

Grimaldi calling

Grimaldi ships are becoming common sights in Halifax these days. The Grimaldi organization owns Atlantic Container Line, which makes twice weekly calls, and their large fourth generation ConRos all wear the blue Grimaldi funnel with the script "G".

Grimaldi also operates a large fleet of autocarriers, some of which now call in Halifax regularly.

Last week the Grande Torino made its first call here, arriving and sailing July 4.

Built in 2018 by Yangfan Group in Zhoushan, China, it is a 65,255 gt, 15,853 dwt vessel with a capacity of 6700 CEUs.

Today two Grimaldi ships passed in the lower harbour, one inbound and one outbound.

ACL's Atlantic Sun was inbound on the eastbound leg of its regular run. It held off just east of George's Island to allow the other ship to clear the Narrows. That ship was the first time caller Grande Sierra Leone.

Also a ConRo, but not less than half the size, it was built in 2011 by Hyundai Mipo, Ulsan and measures 47,659 gt, 25,665 dwt. It is also equipped with cargo cranes. The ship has been called in to assist ACL during the prolonged drydocking of Atlantic Sail in Hamburg. Some that ship's capacity has been taken up by conventional container ships, but the RoRo capacity is still needed.

ConRos (container and RoRo) are rare commodities as owners concentrate on cellular container ships or Pure Car and Truck Carriers.  Combining both capabilities in one ship is costly, but Grimladi has found the markets and has more of the type on order.


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