Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Nordic Wolverine

Not the usual product tanker, Nordic Wolverine made a short visit to anchorage in Halifax over night and sailed early this afternoon. The ship is a specialist chemical tanker with stainless steel and zinc tanks. It delivered a cargo of linear alkylbenzene (a detergent component) to Bécancour, QC and sailed directly to Halifax where it remained at anchor. Its next port is to be Altamira, MX.

Nordic Wolverine made a smoky departure from number 5 anchorage this afternoon.

The ship was built in 2006 with construction starting at the Aker Tulcea yard in Romania, and completion at the Aker Aukra yard in Norway. Launched as Nina the ship was delivered as Vaagen then renamed Northern Wolverine in 2010 and Nordic Wolverine in 2014.

The ship is owned by Bomar Four LLC and managed by Borealis Maritime Ltd. The latter is a 75 ship company based in Norway that manages ships for private and institutional investors.

Another Borealis managed ship is a regular caller in Halifax. Bomar Rebecca was in port yesterday sailing for Tropical Shipping. Its charter was recently extended by three months at $7,000 per day.


That period should see delivery of the sixth and final new ship for Tropical Shipping. When it is delivered, Tropical is likely to assign one of the new ships to the Halifax run, joining Tropic Hope, the first in the new build series.


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