Tuesday, May 13, 2014

APL Coral

APL Coral made a splendid sight as it sailed this evening. The 65,475 gross ton ship has a capacity of 5,020 TEU, but did not appear to be down to her marks. Built in 1998 by Samsung in Koje, the post-Panamax ship has flown the US flag since 2011. Prior to that it was the NOL Coral sailing for Neptune Orient Line and registered in Singapore.

Squeezing through the Narrows, with the escort tug Atlantic Oak tucked under her stern, the ship occupies a lot of room.

Once into the lower harbour it has lots of space to pas the RCN's sail training vessel Tuna.

Once clear of Ives Knoll, the ship puts a few more revs on its engine on the way to its next calling in point, Meagher's Beach. It is still a good half hour out to the pilot station.


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