Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inexplicable Absences

It is traveling season once again, and therefore Shipfax's coverage of events in Halifax Harbour may be spotty at times - such as the weekend of May 2-5.
So what to look for:

New for CMA/CGM
The new ship for CMA CGM is due Saturday. Antje Wulff has a somewhat larger reefer capacity than the Maersk ships on the service. Maybe it will take away some of the mountains of Maersk reefer cans on the waterfront.


First Cruise Ship
Celebrity Infinity is due on Sunday May 4 - the first cruise ship of the season.

New Ferry
The new Halifax Dartmouth ferry is due soon - keep you eyes peeled -see previews on Bay Ferryman.

Shipfax plans to return to normal on Monday, rain or shine.


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