Sunday, May 18, 2014

Westerkade out

Although it is a German owned ship, and registered in Antigua and Barbuda, Westerkade is also the name of a popular seawall in the Port of Rotterdam. Featuring wonderful views of shipping and a frequent tie up spot for tugs and ships between assignments. [Kade = quay in English]
To add to the international theme, this particular Westerkade works for Eimskip, the Icelandic shipping company, and trades between Iceland and the east coast of North America.

Westerkade sails from Halterm. Despite cool, drizzly conditions, sailors were out ti Halifax harbour today.

Construction of the ship was started in Trogir, Crotia and completed by Cassens in Emden, Germany in 2000. At 7541 grt, 8450 dwt, the ship has a capacity of 721 TEU of which 100 can be reefers, Its two 40 tonne cranes are high mounted to handle containers. Owners are Herman Buss GmbH +Cie of Leer.

Addendum: about the time I was writing, the ship was sold to as yet undisclosed buyer for a "high $2mn USD".

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