Saturday, November 21, 2015

CMA CGM Dalila and heavy weather for shipping

As CMA CGM works its way through the Columbus loop lineup of 17 ships, we continue to get a first time caller every week. This week it is CMA CGM Dalila, flying the French flag and owned directly by CMA CGM.

CMA CGM Dalila looms out of the mist and rain on its approach to Halterm at noon time.

Samsung Shipbuilding + Heavy Industries in Koje, South Korea delivered the ship n 2011 and it measures 96,817 grt, 109,021 dwt with a container capacity of 8465.

Despite a positive outlook for increased tonnage through the port off Halifax - thanks largely to the added CMA CGM - shipping is still ailing world wide. The Asia-Europe trade particularly is over-tonnaged.

Maersk - the largest container line- is perhaps the first to blink. They have recently announced 4,000 job cuts (from a staff of 23,000) by the end of 2017. They are also cutting 35 vessel sailings this winter and closing four services entirely by the end of 2016. One of the new giant triple E ships, Morten Maersk will be laid up for six weeks.
On top of all that Maersk will not exercise options for six more triple E ships (19,630 TEU),
will not exercise options on two 3,600 TEU feeders, and will delay option dates for eight 14,000 TEU ships.

On the Atlantic, which has been healthier, CMA CGM appears to be here to stay in Halifax, but its arriving ships still seem to be sailing at less than capacity, judging by their draft.


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