Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Novadock: up, up, but not away just yet

The lifting of Novadock onto the barge Boa Barge 33 appears to have taken place without incident.

09:26 hrs: Boa Odin and the small tugs Halifax Tugger and Belle-D from RMI Marine prepare to move the second section of the Novadock away from the IEL dock.

 09:26 hrs: Boa Barge 33 is submerged, with RMI Marine's workboat/landing craft standing by.

13:27 hrs: the barge is slowly re-emerging.

 16:09 hrs: on an almost even keel.When full y refloated the barge will have several feet of freeboard.
[See similar photos from a month ago when the first section was floated up: Shipfax October 7, 2015 and
 October 6, 2015

 The first section was somewhat shorter, but its apron still overhung the stern of the barge.

Once the barge was fully refloated, a small fleet of RMI's and Dominion Diving's tug Halmar and scows moved out to begin the process of securing the Novadock to the barge, by welding on gussets. No ETA has been given, but it appears that it will be ready to sail sometime tomorrow.


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