Monday, June 27, 2016

Harbour Icons make strange neighbours

I usually cover the interesting arrivals and departures, particularly ships that have never been here before. However there are a lot of ships that rarely or never leave Halifax harbor, but do move about within its confines.

Among them are Theodore Too and Sackville - two boats that would seem to have very little in common.

Theodore II is a full size version of a children's television series character. The wooden hulled vessel returned to its builder's yard in Dayspring, NS, over the past winter for a refit. It is now back in Halifax offering harbor tours and acting as greeter for visiting cruise ships.

Sackville has returned to its waterfront location at the foot of Sackville Street after spending the winter at HMC Dockyard. The former RCN corvette is the last of its type, and is a genuine article. A true artifact of Canada's naval history, it draws many visitors every year.

The two are rarely seen as close together, but repair work on the seawall where Theodore Too normally docks has forced a temporary relocation.


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