Thursday, November 24, 2016

A last look at Iroquois

As it turned out Iroquois "sailed" at 1600hrs not 1700hrs, allowing for one last try at some photos. The sun was just setting behind cloudy skies with a very light snow shower, but the extra hour was a bit of a bonus. It also made it more convenient and safer for the pilots and tugs to work a cold ship in daylight.

Navy tug Glenevis peels away from the stern as Atlantic Spruce takes up the tow.

Despite reports of the deplorable condition of the ship, it still has fine bones.

Oceanex Sanderling holds off as it moves from Autoport to pier 42, leaving Iroquois lots of room.

The snow shower intensifies as the tow passes the Ives Knoll light and bell buoy for the last time.

 Last shot. 16:48:09 hrs
The APA pilot and an apprentice pilot disembarked at Ives Knoll, and boarded the tug for the trip out to the pilot station. A navy pilot was also assigned for unberthing and disembarked  on Glenevis
The APA pilot and the apprentice pilot were the last people aboard, as the overnight tow to Liverpool is "unmanned".


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  1. Thanks for being on the spot Mac. A sad moment. The Athabaskan will follow soon and an era will be over.