Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A bridge over troubled waters

The new pedestrian floating sidewalk, the "Sea Bridge" has finally opened. Spanning between the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Cable Wharf, it allows pedestrians to avoid the big hole at Queen's Wharf that has closed the regular sidewalk on one side of Water Street. That closure has also narrowed the already busy street, creating major traffic jams and forcing pedestrians to cross the street.

From the end of the Maritime Museum wharf, right under the bow of Acadia, the floating sidewalk runs to the Cable Wharf. A Harbour Hopper swings in close to give everyone a closeup.

All this has been brought about by construction of the Queen's Marque a mixed use project that will dominate this part of the waterfront when it opens in a few years.

The new walkway offers a slightly different experience, and if today's foot traffic is any indication, it will be quite popular. Right now it is open in day time only, but when the lighting is installed it will be open until 11 at night. Depending on the wind speed and sea conditions it may be closed from time to time for safety, and it will be towed away into winter storage in the autumn.

The "Sea Bridge" offers some interesting views of the Museum complex and the construction activity.

The excavation in the foreground is for the Queen's Marque project. It is now below sea level and has been dammed off with sheet piles. Workers are in the process of driving deep piles. The white tarp in the background covers stone restoration work on the Dominion Federal Building. A Halifax landmark it once dominated the waterfront, and from its spire provided a commanding view of the harbour. From his post there H.B.Jefferson took the collection of World War II photos displayed on the Public Archives of Nova Scotia web site: https://novascotia.ca/archives/eastcoastport/results.asp?Search=ch3&Language=English#results

As for our own views, the "Sea Bridge" gives us a close up view of the World War I and II veteran Acadia with HMCS (ret'd) Sackville of World War II as a backdrop.

The "Sea Bridge" may be in place for up to three years until Queen's Marque is completed.

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