Thursday, September 6, 2018

Onego Trader

Onego Trader sailed this afternoon after a lengthy stay in port. The ship arrived August 29 and tied up at pier 27. This is at least the fourth visit to Halifax for the ship siunce 2013, each time with a load Polish manufactured rails for CN. A multi-purpose ship of 6301 grt, 8930 dwt, it carries a pair of 40 tonne cranes, working a pair of box shaped holds of the open hatch configuration (the hold is the same size as the hatches).

Bodewes Volharding, Foxhol, Netherlands built the ship in 2001 as Dewi Laksmi. It was renamed Harns in 2008 and Onego Trader in 2010. Ownership and registry changed with the first name change, moving from Panama to Netherlands. Early in August of this year the ship was registered in Germany then immediately re-registered in Portuguese Madeira for new owners Hilda D Shipping.


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