Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Fog in the Approaches

 The phrase "fog in the approaches" (to Halifax harbour) was once a common one when marine weather reports were broadcast on public radio. The phrase was particularly appropriate today. Fog lingered offshore and crept in and out with the tide, while the main harbour remained sunny and clear.

There were wisps of fog as MSC Angela got underway from PSA Halifax, bound for Montreal. The very high humidity meant that water vapour from the exhaust gas scrubber did not evaporate immediately and gave a "steamship-like" look.

Within a few ships' lengths, the ship was swallowed up by the fog. MSC Angela had reduced its deckload to four tiers of containers.

The departure of CMA CGM J. Adams a few hours later was largely invisible.

Once the arriving Atlantic Sun got well into the harbour, it was clear sailing through the Narrows.

Atlantic Fir was providing braking and steering assist from astern.

At the north end of the harbour and into Bedfrod Basin it was clear as a bell for another 100,000 tonner, as Conti Annapurna sailed from Cerescorp, Fairview Cove.

Built by Hyundai, Ulsan in 2004 as Pacific Link the 90,745 gt, 101,976 dwt ship has a capacity of 8738 TEU including 700 reefers. Renamed by NSB Niederelbe in 2016, the ship is a fairly recent addition to THE Alliance's EC5 service, which is introducing larger and larger ships. Soon to be classed (by me) as "Narrowsmax".

Also sailing from the Narrows in clear conditions was the "visiting" CCGS George R. Pearkes as it got underway from the Bedford Institute.

Normally based in Newfoundland, the Martha L. Black class light icebreaker and buoy tenders is covering for Halifax based ships in refit. Built by Versatile Pacific at the Burrard Drydock in North Vancouver, the ship was commissioned in 1986. It served in the Pacific region, then Quebec until assigned to St.John's in 2004.  It appeared to have an automated weather buoy on deck.

The only other activity that I was able to observe in the harbour today (unaffected by fog) was the continued off loading of rails at Pier 27 from Onego Maas.

The ship arrived in Halifax August 10 from Swinoujscie , Poland with the latest cargo for CN. The ship dates from 2011 when it was built by Damen, Yiching. It is a 8058 gt, 10,872 dwt ship with a pair of 80 tonne capacity cranes. It was launched as Wenningstedt but delivered as Thorco Copenhagen and subsequently renamed 2016: BBC Brasil, 2018: DC Brasil, 2019: BBC Brasil, and took its present name as recently as July 1, 2021. As with many general cargo ships it is a multi-purpose singledeck with portable tween decks and ventilated, box shaped holds. Its cranes can be operated in combo for a 150 tonne lift. It is also ice class  Swedish/Finnish 1A.


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