Friday, August 6, 2021

IT Integrity - trouble in BC

 The cable ship IT Integrity is reported tied up in Port Alberni, BC after its main engine was disabled due to "fuel issues". The Halifax registered ship, owned by interests connected to IT International Telecom Canada Inc.

Acquired last year, the former offshore supplier and ROV supporter Highland Fortress was built in 2001 by Soviknes Verft AS in Norway. It was refitted for cable work at Pier 9A in Halifax. It first arrived in Halifax May 28, 2020 and was registered September 21, 2020.
It sailed from Halifax May 15, 2021 and transited the Panama Canal Jun 8-9. It appears to have been working off California at least until July before moving on to British Columbia waters.

As part of the Halifax refit a large A-Frame assembly was installed aft, presumably for ROV work.


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