Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bahri Tabuk - new for NSCSA

The latest ship for The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, a.k.a. Bahri,  arrived this morning. Bahri Tabuk is one of the four new ConRo/cargo ships built by Hyundia Mipo as replacements for older  ships of similar name.

With a comparatively small container capability of 364 TEU, but a lot of RoRo and and general cargo space, the ships are custom designed for the Saudi lines needs and carry two 240 tonne heavy lift cranes. At 50, 714 gross tons, they are large ships, but measure only 27,957 deadweight tonnes, due the large number of car decks.
While in port today the ship loaded pressure vessels for Libya, and military LAV vehicles, - all RoRo and a few containers.

It is interesting to compare these with the Oceanex Connaigra and the newly announced Q4 ships for Atlantic Container Line. They are all quite different, to suit the nature of their trades.
NSCSA has adopted the Bahri prefix for the new ships, replacing Saudi. Previous user of the Tabuk name, Saudi Tabuk has been sold for scrap. Built in 1983 it was rated for 2025 TEUs (deck load only). Its last visit here was June 14, 2013 (as pictured).
Its most memorable visit was September 28-29, 2003, during Hurricane Juan when the Albert Oldendorff at the adjacent pier, parted its lines and blew across the camber, striking Saudi Tabuk. Both ships were damaged, and a number of containers and contents were destroyed.

As ship of this class is also the subject of the Shipfax header photo.


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