Monday, October 21, 2013

Morning Concert in the afternoon

The intriguingly named Morning Concert arrived this afternoon for Autoport.
1. Morning Concert has passed Meagher's Beach lighthouse, and in the background CCGS Sir William Alexander exercises with one of several helicopters.

Morning Concert is operating for EUKOR (EUrope KOrea) Car Carriers, which is owned 20% by Hyundai and Kia, 40% by Wilhem Wilhelmsen (Norway) and 40% by Wallenius Lines (Sweden). The ship is pooled with other Wallenius Wilhelmsen autocarriers to provide regular transatlantic service. Its last port was Southampton, but it had previously called in Belgium and Germany. On this trip, the ship is carrying European built cars.

2. With tug Atlantic Hemlock toward the bow and Atlantic Oak near the stern, Morning Concert is ready to turn at Ives Knoll, bound for Autoport in Eastern Passage.

Monring Concert was built in 2006 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea and is actually owned and managed by Wilhelmsen Lines Car Carriers. The only outward indication of that is the company houseflag flying on the main mast.The ship does not bear a traditional Wilhelmsen name (beginning with the letter T) nor company colours. To add to its multi-national character, the ship is registered in Southampton, England.

3. The ship is flying the blue 'W' on white Wilhelmsen flag, the pilot flag (not visible) the Canadian flag and the British merchant marine flag (the red duster). Between the mast and the Sat dome is an open air crew recreational area.


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