Saturday, October 12, 2013

Genius Star XI - in for repairs

The multi-purpose ship Genius Star XI put in to pier 31 today for repairs. It is rare to see a ship with cargo derricks anymore, but this one has two, in addition to two cranes. The cranes are mounted midships - also rare, since many ships now have them mounted to one side to give clear acess to the holds.

This ship was built to a pattern seen more frequently in the orient, and is owned by Wisdom Marine Lines, a publicly listed Taiwanese company that specializes in dry bulk. Its fleet of 91 ships plus 32 on order, is certainly a large one, but  many of the ship are of this type and size. At 9984 gross tons and 13,633 deadweight it has two holds with folding hatch covers, flush tween deck hatches (with electric hoists) and semi-box shaped holds in the lower holds, but exposed frames in the tweendeck.Its cranes are rated at 30 tonnes each as are the derricks. Built in 2012 by Kagoya shipyard in Kure, Japan, it flies the flag of Panama. It is not rated for container carrying, but I noted a few on deck forward.
Commercial management is entrusted to Thorco, which finds cargoes for many ships including the foreign trading Desgagnes ships.


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