Monday, October 14, 2013

Oceanex Sanderling in the Novadock

Posed majestically in the Novadock, Oceanex Sanderling entered on Sunday for a much needed refit after a full-out summer of work. The ship was "tired" after her labours and will be in the dock for 3 weeks or more. She obviously does not need a hull paint job, but does need engine work and other attention - she is after all 36 years old.
1. Oceanex Sanderling on the blocks in the Novadock.

2. Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Oak line she ship up for the Novadock Sunday morning.

As reported previously the new Oceanex Connaigra is filling in for the duration of Sanderling's refit, and it is interesting to speculate on what the future may bring. 
Sanderling's fleet mate Cabot is actually two years newer (built in 1977, lengthened in 1981) but is a less versatile ship. It may find is way to Halifax to assist when Sanderling returns to service and Connaigra goes on the Montreal run. Third fleet mate Oceanex Avalon went into service in 2005, and it is reported that it took five years of planning before Connaigrea was delivered.
It is therefore unlikely that a new ship will appear on the scene in less than 5 years, by which time both Cabot and Sanderling may be on their last legs.


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