Saturday, October 26, 2013

Four cranes - No waiting at Haltern

Just like the old barber shop ad for four chairs-no waiting, Halterm had four cranes working today for the first time, working two ships. The new cranes Max 3 and Max 4 now in full service, and the existing cranes Max 1 and Max 2 were busy with Zim Tarragona and Maersk Palermo respectively.

1. Maersk Palermo at pier 42 with cranes Max 2 and Max 1 and Zom Tarragona at pier 42 with the new cranes Max 3 and Max 4 - going full out, with an endless stream of trucks feeding the cranes. Note the blue container in the left foreground.

2. The box belongs to Global Rigging and Transport, and appeared this week. It will likely be used by the crews that will move the old south end crane to its new position.

For more on Global Rigging and Transport, see their web site:


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