Monday, October 21, 2013

Elka Angelique - arrives to load

The product tanker Elka Angelique tied up at Imperial Oil today after being at anchor off Chebucto Head since October 16. The ship is in ballast, so it will apparently be loading something  - possibly some unprocessed crude oil, or other remnants of the now shut down refining process.

 1. Tug Atlantic Larch rounds up under the stern of Elka Angelique as it passes the Middle Ground area.

The ship is a bit of departure for the typical product tankers we have seen in Halifax, which are usually built in Korea. It was built by Split Shipyard in Split, Croatia in 2001. It measures 27,539 gross tons, 44,781 deadweight, and flies the flag of Liberia. It is operated by European Product Carriers of Athens Greece.

2. With Atlantic Hemlock on the bow the ship prepares to turn for docking at Imperial Oil. The numerous white dots on the hull amidships indicate the various manifold pipes that can be used to load its many tanks.


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