Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Océan Traverse Nord - Part 2

The Canadian dredge Océan Traverse Nord sailed again this afternoon. (It only arrived last night,went alongside for 0800 this morning, and sailed at 1600). Its destination is Dos Bocas, Mexico, a small port in the Gulf of Mexico where it has a dredging contract.
1. Océan Traverse Nord outbound this afternoon.

The ship was met this morning by a truck with some equipment, so that is apparently the reason for its visit in Halifax. (It is a ten hour non-stop truck drive from Quebec City versus a couple of days for the ship, so it was easy for the truck to catch up for a last minute delivery).

2. Truck from Quebec.
3. and 4. From the starboard side showing the trailing suction pipe and the bow discharge line.


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