Monday, December 23, 2013

Cornelia - in for repairs

The geared bulker Cornelia arrived yesterday and tied up at pier 23 31. The ship came to Halifax for minor hull repairs, which are apparently underway, but on the ship's port side, and thus invisible from my usual vantage point. The ship loaded grain in Duluth, MN from November 23 to December 5, and while downbound in the Soo locks, struck a wall, causing a dent in the hull on about December 7. After a couple of days delay for inspection it was allowed to proceed, but needed to be repaired before the ship set out across the Atlantic in winter time.So here it is in Halifax. Originally intended to go to a "sheltered anchorage" the ship tied up at pier 31, in view of the weather and the lack of truly sheltered anchorages in Halifax.

The ship was built by Xinian Shipbuilding, Wuhu, China in 2001 as Pine, a name it carried until 2003 when it became Cornelia. The ship is fitted with four cranes for cargo handling, and carries clamshell buckets on deck to handle bulk cargoes. (The top of one of the bright red buckets is visible on deck between cranes 3 and 4.) The ship is owned by MST Mineralian Schifffahrt Spedition und Transport GmbH of Schaittenback, Germany and registered in Liberia. It comes in at 16,807 gross tons, 24,516 deadweight tonnes.
MST has a website, but regrettably it does not detail the ships it owns. However from other sources it appears to own about a dozen ship, and charters many more, including a sizable Dutch based coastal fleet.
As of this time of writing there is no scheduled departure time, but I am sure they would like to be out of here before Christmas.


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