Sunday, December 8, 2013

Famous Germans in port: Fritz Reuter - ready to work, HS Beethoven - not so much

The Melfi Lines charter Fritz Reuter arrived this afternoon and is ready to work cargo Monday morning.

1. Fritz Reuter at mid-berth Halterm has her cargo booms swung out clear to allow shore cranes to work containers.

Built by Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co Ltd in China in 2006 as Maruba Zonda, the ship was renamed Fritz Reuter on delivery to owners Norddeutsche Reederei Schuldt, Hamburg. Flying the Liberian flag, the ship can carry 1732 TEUs (379 reefers) and has two 45 tonne cranes. Her gross tonnage is 18,480 and deadweight is 23,732 tonnes.
Fritz Reuter, the man (1810-1874), was a prominent writer of his day. 

Meanwhile at the other end of the port HS Beethoven lies at Fairview Cove east berth, unloaded and de-ballasted for repairs to her tank top.

2. HS Beethoven is all lit up, but it is hard to tell if repair work is underway or not.

Although there is little outward sign of activity on repairs, it must be assumed that her owners are doing what they can to get her back in service as soon as possible. The penalties for going "off charter" are usually quite severe, especially on a scheduled container ship service.

Ludvig von Beethoven, the man, needs no introduction from me.


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