Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wellservicer - refueled by Algoma Dartmouth

 Since mid-November the Wellservicer has been working on the Venture gas field pipeline, renewing some of the elements and making periodic brief calls in Halifax. It returned to Halifax Wednesday December 11 and is still in port. Today it was refueled by Algoma Dartmouth - its first job this month by my count.

1. Remants of seasmoke on the water are a hint at the frigid temperatures in Halifax.

For more details about this unique ship see my previous posting from November 16:

2. More sea smoke and frozen spray around the waterline and fenders, and on the shore line of Macnab's Island in the background, plus distortion over the water also attest to the -10C air temperature and +4C water temperature. Not visible is the brisk wind adding tot he joy of ship watching.

Algoma Dartmouth is still carrying about 400 metric tonnes of cargo, so there must be plans to refuel other ships should they need it.

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