Thursday, December 12, 2013

Energy Protector - energy is golden

The product tanker Energy Protector is the latest tanker to arrive at Imperial Oil. After nearly a week anchored outside, the ship entered this morning and tied up at number 4 dock.

1. A combination of sub-zero air and warm water caused some distortion in the photograph of  Energy Protector.

There are some who would suggest that the name emblazoned on the ship's hull is appropriate in view of the price of gasoline these days, but it only represents the name of the ship's operator, Golden Energy Management of Athens Greece. The ship however is actually owned by Unique Navigation Corp, part of South African Marine Corp of Cape Town. Despite all that, the ship is registered in the Isle of Man, and is thus considered to be British.
As with any number of recent product tankers calling in Halifax, this one was built by STX Shipbuilding of Pusan, South Korea. Dating from 2004, it measures in at 30,008 gross tons and 51,319 deadweight. It obviously has only a partial cargo for Imperial, and so will not likely be in port for too long.


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