Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oceanex Connaigra - maybe moving soon

Oceanex Connaigra may soon be moving from her parking spot at pier 25-26. I hear she is due in Boston December 8 where repairs will be made to her balky controllable pitch propeller hub. She has been waiting in Halifax since November 23 either for the dock space to be available or the parts to be manufactured to make the repairs. (I hope they are not aboard the HS Beethoven or there may be furher delay.)

Meanwhile the reassuring thump of the Cabot can still be heard on the shores of the St.Lawrence. The sound of her engines (Pielsticks, built under license by Crossley Premier in Manchester) travels so well over the water that she can be identified day or night from miles off. The ship was to be retired on delivery of Oceanex Connaigra, but has been pressed back into service for the duration.


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