Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Harbour Fashion -

1. Harbour Fashion is boomed off at pier 9 while unloading fuel to the tanks seen in the background.

The oddly named Harbour Fashion made one of those rare stops at Pier 9 to off load fuel to the Wilson's Fuels' tanks on Barrington Street. About once a year the independent fuel company imports fuel this way. With the closure of Imperial's local refining operation we might expect more ships at this location over the winter.

It appears to be an unusual place for a tanker, but there have been fuel tanks in the Barrington Street  location for many years. A pipeline runs from the north end of pier 9,  under the CN Intermodal yard to the tanks.

The ship was built in 2011 by Zhousan Shipyard, Zhousan, China and is operated by Nordic Tankers Marine of Copenhagen, but is registered in Madeira (Portugal's offshore registry.) The ship is a frequent caller on the Great Lakes and in fact it was in Mississauga, ON November 25-26 and Quebec City December 5. Its previous port to that was Vlissingen (Flushing) November 12. Since the ship has not been granted a coasting license, according to the latest listing from the Canadian Transportation Agency, one has to assume that its cargo came from Europe.   


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