Friday, December 20, 2013

Travestern - now in full Woodward paint scheme

This afternoon Travestern left the Novadock floating drydock at Halifax Shipyard, showing of its new Woodward paint job.

1. With Atlantic Larch pulling on the bow, Atlantic Oak guiding the stern and the ship using its own power, Travestern left the drydock this afternoon.

After one month to the day in the drydock, the ship was "on her tank tops" - with minimal ballast, and her prop was thrashing about high out of the water. The two tugs took the ship to pier 34 where it will complete its refit.

The most recent addition to the Coastal Shipping fleet arrived in Lewisporte, NL in March and was soon in service, running from Saint John, NB with oil products to Newfoundland and the north. There was no time to apply the Woodward paint colours to the hull, and the distinctive "Woodward Group" banner near the stern until now.

2. The banner name near the stern is a distinctive Woodward feature.

As previously reported, Travestern is one of three sister ships in the Coastal Shipping fleet, all acquired from Rigel Shipping in Germany.


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