Monday, March 3, 2014

Asian Emperor - on its way again

The fairly rare sight of a car carrier sailing from Bedford Basin today signaled the end of a lengthy stay for the Asian Emperor. The ship arrived in Halifax February 15 for what would normally have been an eight hour call at Autoport to unload some cars.
Instead, while not far off Halifax, the ship struck heavy weather, cargo broke loose and mayhem ensued as the ship pitched and rolled. There was extensive damage to cars, farm and construction machinery and other industrial cargo and internal damage to the ship. The damaged cargo was removed at pier 27, Autoport and pier 31 and repairs and cleanup began at once.
On February 24 the ship moved to the Ceres container terminal at Fairview Cove in Bedford Basin, due to shortage of pier space elsewhere, where repairs continued.
The ship cleared for New York at 1300hrs today.


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