Thursday, March 13, 2014

IT Intrepid returns

The cable ship IT Intrepid made a brief call in Halifax Match 5 to 6  to pick up gear and do an ROV trial then set out to repair a broken fibreoptic cable between Argentia and Spanish Room, Newfoundland.
The ship returned to port today, although its arrival was delayed by several hours when the pilot boat was taken off station due to high winds and seas.

IT Intrepid at pier 9 late this afternoon. Security gates are closed since the ship is foreign flagged.
The ship's operators, IT International Telecom, maintains its pier 9 base to install and service various cables in the area, and applied for a coasting license for their Barbados registered ship to recover and repair the cable between March 4 and March 27. It is possible that the ship returned to port due to the bad weather and will return to the site to complete the work once the current storm passes.

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